Handbook of Financialization: Table of Contents Now Available!

We’re delighted to share publicly (for the first time) the Table of Contents of the forthcoming International Handbook of Financialization (Routledge 2019)!

Thanks to the great many positive responses, which exceeded even our highest expectations, a superb group of scholars has come together to make the forthcoming Handbook an already widely-anticipated success.

Please note that this table of contents may be subject to some changes before the anticipated publication date in early 2019.

Phil, Daniel & Natascha


TABLE OF CONTENTS (as of July 2018)


1. Phil Mader, Daniel Mertens & Natascha van der Zwan: Introduction


Part A – Finance and Financialization: Taking Stock

2. Brett Christophers & Ben Fine: The Value of Financialization and the Financialization of Value

3. Christoph Deutschmann: The Socio-Economic Foundations of Financialization

4. Sheila Dow: Financialization and the Monetary Authorities: Post-Keynesian and Other Perspectives

5. Paul Langley: The Financialization of Life

6. Ismail Erturk: (title TBC)


Part B – Approaches to Studying Financialization

7. Ève Chiapello: Financialization as a Socio-technical Question

8. Samuel Knafo & Mareike Beck: Financialization and the Uses of History

9. Stefano Pagliari & Kevin Young: How is Financialization Reproduced Politically?

10. Dimitris Sotiropoulos & Ariane Hillig: Financialization in Heterodox Economics

11. Hadas Weiss: The Anthropological Study of Financialization


Part C – Structures, Spaces and Sites of Financialization

12. Manuel Aalbers, Rodrigo Fernandez & Gertjan Wijburg: The Financialization of Real Estate

13. Sarah Bracking: Financialization and the Environmental Frontier

14. Bruno Bonizzi, Annina Kaltenbrunner & Jeff Powell: Subordinate Financialization in Emerging Capitalist Economies

15. Rodrigo Fernandez & Reijer Hendrikse: Offshore Finance

16. Ewa Karwowski: Variegated Financialization in the Global South

17. Engelbert Stockhammer & Karsten Köhler: Financialization and Demand Regimes in Advanced Economies

18. Yingyao Wang: The State and Financialization

19. Brigitte Young: Financialization and Gendered Inequality


Part D – Actors, Agency, and Politics of Financialization

20. Benjamin Braun & Daniela Gabor: Central Banking, Shadow Banking, and Infrastructural Power

21. Jan Fichtner: The Rise of Institutional Investors

22. Felipe Gonzalez: Household Debt and the “Retailisation” of Finance

23. Brooke Harrington: Trusts and Financialization

24. Johannes Petry: Exchanges and Financialization: From Marketplaces to Agents

25. Dennis Stolz & Karen Lai: Philanthrocapitalism, Social Enterprises and Global Development

26. Lena Lavinas: The Collateralization of Social Policy in the Global South

27. Lisa Adkins, Kavita Datta & Vincent Guermond, Michael McCarthy, Paul Thompson & Jean Cushen: DISCUSSION FORUM on Labor and Financialization


Part E – Techniques, Technologies, and Cultures of Financialization

28. Rob Aitken: The Cultural Economy of Financial Subjectivity

29. Nathan Coombs & Arjen van der Heide: The Calculative and Regulatory Consequences of Risk Management

30. Laura Deruytter & Sebastian Möller: Financialized Practices and Rationalities of Local Authorities

31. Max Haiven: Culture and Financialization: Five Approaches

32. Jeanne Lazarus: Financial Literacy Education: A Questionable Answer to the Financialization of Everyday Life

33. Johnna Montgomerie: Debt Dependence and the Financialization of Everyday Life


Part F – Instabilities, Insecurities, and the Discontents of Financialization

34. Gerald Epstein: The Bankers’ Club and the Financialization of Crises

35. Beat Weber: (title TBC)

36. Andreas Nölke: Financialization and the Crisis of Democracy

37. Sunanda Sen: Uncertainty and Financialization

38. Matthias Thiemann: Why is There No Anti-Cyclical Regulation of Finance?

39. Christina Laskaridis, Nathan Legrand & Eric Toussaint: Struggles against Illegitimate Debt

40. Olivier Godechot: Financialization and the Increase in Inequality


Epilogue (TBC)


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